Cathedral High School

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Cathedral High School!

To all parents of students at Cathedral H.S. I hope you take some time to sit and read through this year’s, 2016-2017 Parent/Student Handbook. This Handbook is specifically prepared for both new parents and returning parents. It is a brief introduction on procedures and policies that are to be followed while your son is in attendance at our school.

We are a Lasallian family at Cathedral High School. Feel free to take a tour of our school and walk down the main hallway. Know that your son will one day take his rightful place in the main hall as he becomes an alumnus. Your responsibility as parents will be to work with the teachers/administration/staff, to make certain the family at school and the family at home, are all committed to the same mission, which is to develop your son into:

“a young man of faith,  a young man of intellect and a young man of honesty and integrity.”

The faculty and support staff wish to welcome back all of our current and new students and their parents. I look forward to meeting your sons and hope to reinforce the many “voices of academia” that are apparent on our campus, as your sons, our students walk the halls of Cathedral High School.

This year at our school we continue to offer our Early Admission (Dual Credit) classes, increasing the AP class offerings with this year’s AP Calculus and are one of the few Catholic high schools to adopt the STREAM model in our curriculum. This acronym stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Fine Arts and Math. We have added two classes of Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Design to this year’s curriculum. This is in keeping with the “upward mobility in academics” at Cathedral High School.

My blessings to all for a successful school year……..

St. John Baptist dela Salle . . . Pray for us….
Live Jesus in our hearts…Forever!


Aurora E. Lujan, M.Ed., Principal