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Cathedral's Meet, Eat, and Greet for interested and prospective students of all ages is on Saturday April 28th from 12PM - 2PM at Cathedral! For more information please contact Admissions at 915-532-3238 ext 695     New students (Freshman and transfer) interested in enrolling at Cathedral can now apply for admission! Please contact Admissions 915-532-3238 ext 695 for more information or see below!
Athletics Info » NIKE - Football Has No Borders - National Commercial

NIKE - Football Has No Borders - National Commercial

 Nike spent a few days with the Irish Football team this season to film a national commercial that will air at halftime of this weekend's Sunday Night Football broadcast.
How do you back up a State Championship season? You win it again.
How do you stop borders from limiting expectations, goals, and dreams? You erase them. And you do so alongside your brothers.
Football has no borders. Neither does Cathedral. Viva La Cate. Siempre