Cathedral High School

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Faculty / Staff Directory

Name Position Email
Alvidrez, Cynthia Social Studies
Bermea, Brisa Math
Abraham, Lucy Library
Estrada, Jacob Information Technology Coordinator
Farias, Sister Dolorette Campus Ministry
Flores, Dan Registrar
Flores, Mari Attendance
Heredia, Armando Campus Ministry
Garibay, Martha Spanish
Goldsbury, Mack Band/Orchestra
Gonzalez, Brother Nick President
Guzman, Cynthia Finance Director
Hansen, Brother Javier Religion
Hernandez, Elizabeth Spanish
Hulick, Rebecca Writing Center
Hurt II, Hampton Assistant Athletic Director
Kelley, Randy EA Economics
Lara, Jose Physical Education
Lopez, Brother Mariano Religion
Lopez, Pamela English
Lujan, Aurora Principal
Lujan, Luis Counselor
Martinez, Elva Admin Office
Mays, Ruth Bookkeeper
Montanes, Valeria Medical Records
Montoya, Deborah Religion
Moreno, Sylvia French/Choir
Morris, Joshua AP Calculus
Murphy, Norma English
Ortigoza, Marco EA Director
Puertas, Carlos Dean of Men/Athletic Director
Robleto, Daniel Science
Serrano, Christine Assistant Principal
Shashy, Mary Alice Science
Sierra, Fernie Maintenance
Steinhauser, Leonardo World Geography
Tapia, Rafael Math
Torres, Pete Math
Ulrickson, Luz Alumni 
Valtier, Leslie English
Vazquez, Mario Admissions Coordinator
Vazquez Sr., Mario Engineering
Vega, Pat Science
Vega, Selene English
Vidales, Ryan Science
West, Lucy Social Studies
White, Jack Social Studies
Woznicki, Michael Religion
Yanez, Jose Counselor
Zavala, Adriana Art