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Campus Ministry

At Cathedral High School in El Paso, Texas, our Campus Ministry department is dedicated to guiding students on their spiritual and personal journeys within the unique context of our binational community. Situated on the border with Mexico, our school embraces diversity and understands the importance of responding to the needs of both sides of the border.

Through mentorship, leadership development, faith exploration, teamwork, and community outreach, we actively cultivate a vibrant and inclusive academic environment that reflects our binational identity. Rooted in the Lasallian tradition, we are committed to living out the Gospel values of faith, service, and community, aligning ourselves with the calls of Pope Francis for solidarity and social justice.

Throughout the school year, Cathedral's Campus Ministry provides opportunities for students to engage in retreats, worship services, and prayer gatherings that honor our binational heritage and promote unity across borders. Our immersion programs and service initiatives are designed to address the needs of our local and global communities, inspired by Pope Francis's teachings on mercy, compassion, and care for the marginalized.

In addition, our Lasallian Youth program encourages students to emulate the life and deeds of our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, by fostering a spirit of inclusivity, empathy, and action. By embracing our binational identity and responding to the calls of Pope Francis, we strive to build a community that reflects the values of love, justice, and solidarity in both word and deed.

“It is in the company of Jesus
that you work for the glory of God.”
- St. John Baptist De La Salle 
 (Med 78.2 - Feast of St Andrew, Apostle)
Theme: Faith, Service, Community 
Date: TBD
Theme: Into the Wilderness 
Date: TBD
“Where is my Brother?” 
Date: TBD
Man of Faith - Senior Overnight Retreat 
Date: TBD
Community Service Hour Information

Each student will complete 80 hours of community service prior to graduation, or 20 hours per academic year. The hours must be documented using the specifications given by the school in order to be counted towards the 80 hour requirement, and must be approved by the campus ministry office or a school administrator.
Service hours are due April 26, 2024.
Any late submissions will not be accepted.
It is the student's responsibility to keep up with their hours. It is important that the student keeps a copy for their records as well.
Outside Service Hours
If service hours are done outside of Cathedral and more than 10 hours the student is required to submit the hours on Mobileserve and include:
  • Supervisor's name and email
  • Letter or picture proof of the service

Approved Outside Service
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Local Parish (altar serving, confirmation hours, etc.)
  • School events
Cocurricular Activities 
Campus Ministry Leadership Team
A group of peer ministers that assist with various aspects of the Campus Ministry Program.
Will take the lead on helping organize events such as Retreats, Liturgies, and Service opportunities.
Will need to fill out an application, get a letter of reference, and do an interview.
Great opportunity to learn leadership skills, develop your faith, and serve the Cathedral community 
Lasallian Youth
Lasallian Youth is committed to orienting works of service within the tenets of Catholic Social
Teaching, paying particular attention to the justice dimensions of the charitable works.
Lasallian Youth provides the opportunity to encounter “their neighbor” in a way that respects
and celebrates the God-given dignity of each person. Lasallian Youth approaches the
practice of Gospel encounters knowing that one learns through mutual dialogue.
Lasallian Youth encourages a direct response to needs/signs of the times, particularly
through acts of solidarity and advocacy.