Cathedral High School

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Thank you to the families and prospective students that attended this year's Meet, Eat, and Greet! New students (Freshman and transfer) interested in enrolling at Cathedral can now apply for admission! Please contact Admissions 915-532-3238 ext 695 for more information or see below!

Careers at Cathedral

Open positions:

Principal - Job description below
Assistant Principal - Job description below
Dean of Men - Job description below
Director for the Center of Advanced Studies - Job description below
French Instructor - part time
World Geography - full time
 Librarian - full time

An Opening for a Catholic High School Principal


If you are an experienced educator who would like to work at an all-Boys High School, we would like to hear from you.  Cathedral High School is a Catholic Lasallian college preparatory conducted in the three-century old Lasallian tradition begun by Saint John Baptist De LaSalle to give a human and Christian education to the young by observing the five core principles:

  • Faith in the presence of God
  • Concern for the poor and social justice
  • Respect for all persons
  • Quality education
  • Inclusive community

Cathedral High School is a private, Catholic high school for young men, located in Downtown El Paso, Texas. It is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso which owns and administers the school.

The school serves close to 500 students and draws students from El Paso County, Ciudad Juárez and New Mexico. College courses, taught at Cathedral High School in conjunction with the El Paso Community College, afford junior and senior students the opportunity to complete their first year of college while still at Cathedral. The school has a 100% graduation rate and over 90% of the school's graduates continue their education at university level.

The school considers its programs in Campus ministry, community service and religious education to be central to the incorporation of Catholic Christian spirituality into the daily lives of students.

We are seeking an individual who has a proven record of achievement, an understanding and appreciation of enrollment and development activities, with accomplished communication skills.

The person selected will have a Master’s degree in Education or Educational Administration with a minimum of 18 hours in administration and supervision. 


Application Process for the Principal of Cathedral High School

Please print the application, reference form, criteria form and the request for transcript form, from our website, under the Employment tab.  Once completing the application and criteria form, mail it to the Human Resources Office at 499 St. Matthews Street, El Paso, TX  79907, for processing.  Mail the transcript form to all institutions you have attended and they will mail it directly to our office.  Complete your portion of the reference forms and send them to the individuals.  They will return them directly to us.  Upon submitting the application form please request the materials for completing the Criminal Background Check and return them to the Human Resources Office.  Once everything is in, we will notify the Chair of the Search committee of your status.

For inquiries please call 915-532-3238 

Cathedral High School

El Paso Catholic Diocese


Job Description

Academic Assistant Principal


Academic Development


The Academic Assistant Principal (AP) oversees all academics at Cathedral. The AP works directly with teachers to enhance instruction and will help to implement a one-to-one device program.


The AP works with counselors, teachers and tutors to establish development plans for those students showing signs of academic struggle. The AP will also proactively evaluate the overall effectiveness of the programs developed with counselors and teachers. He/She is also responsible for implementing strategies that will motivate and inspire students to succeed in school.


The AP along with department chairpersons is responsible for the development of the curriculum that uses the TEEKs as the basic standards for the school.


The AP assists the principal in improving the quality of teaching and student learning by planning, implementing and facilitating differentiated support to instructional staff to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning. They collaboratively with principal to leverage educator strengths and stakeholder support and involvement to engage all students in meaningful and relevant learning.


Program Management:

  • Teacher evaluation and classroom/instructional support
  • Educational performance management process
  • Assist the principal in developing, implementing and evaluating the instructional program and staff development activities
  • Involved with curriculum development
  • Involved with professional development for instructional staff as well as personal professional development
  • Assist in student disciplinary matters and help ensure a safe and orderly school
  • Assist the principal in using school level data to support school improvement initiatives
  • Assist principal in analyzing student achievement data to improve classroom instruction (disaggregation of data)
  • Participate in conferences with students, teachers, parents and other necessary stakeholders
  • Coordinate parent involvement activities
  • Assist the head of counseling with diocesan and school mandated testing  
  • Assume responsibility of daily school management in absence of the principal
  • Attend weekly collaborative leadership meetings
  • Communicate effectively with parents regarding academic matters and perform other duties as assigned.


Qualifications and Experience


The AP should have several years of teaching experience and have excellent oral and written communication skills. Some administrative experience is desired but not required.


A typical schedule requires a flexible work schedule with time and duties as required.


An AP must have a graduate degree. The ability to speak a second language is not required but helpful in the international environment of the school.


Cathedral High School

El Paso Catholic Diocese


Job Description

Dean of Students


A high school Dean of Students is an education professional who is responsible for the moral and social development of students.


Student Behavior


The Dean of Students (Dean) is responsible for creating an atmosphere of healthy discipline in which students make positive choices which develop their moral character. They work with faculty to eliminate student misconduct. The Dean is the liaison between the Discipline Board and the student/parents.


Attendance and School Safety


The Dean promotes good attendance rates and ensures school safety and the prevention of campus violence. May be experienced in development and maintenance of Code Red and Code Blue emergency plans.  Additionally, they support the teaching staff by developing classroom management programs, identifying students with attendance issues and/or disciplinary problems and addresses those issues with parents and counselors to create a positive outcome.


School Activities


In addition, the Dean may be responsible for all school activities such as prom, dances, assemblies and other social events. The Dean will also work with senior administration to develop and coordinate a master activities and facilities use calendar for the school. They will also assist the Athletic Director with student supervision at athletic events.


Student and Parent Handbook


The Dean develops and is responsible for publishing a Cathedral Student and Parent Handbook.  Expectations for student behavior must be clearly stated with the consequences for non-compliance. The handbook includes an appeal process for students and a grievance procedure for parents. The Dean is in charge of revisions to ensure that the Handbook meets the policies of the Cathedral School Board and meet the guidelines in the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department. 


Qualifications and Experience


A qualified Dean for high school should have several years of teaching experience and have excellent oral and written communication skills. A typical schedule requires a flexible work schedule with time and duties as required. Additionally, experience working with students and parents on development issues to

effectively analyze problems and concerns is helpful.


A graduate degree is desirable for this position. Experience as a Dean is desirable but no required. Being bilingual is essential as many of our parents prefer speaking in Spanish.


Full time Director for the Center of Advanced Studies

The role as the Director of the Center for Advanced Studies, is to serve as the focal point for the alignment of the Cathedral High School curriculum with higher education requirements; to serve as the liaison between Cathedral High School and the El Paso Community College with respect to College Early Admissions courses; and is responsible for the implementation of the College Early Admissions Program of the School.

In addition, the Director, as the designated administrator of College Board electronic testing, is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the timely administration of the College Board’s Texas Success Initiative® Test, and the College-Level Entrance Program (CLEP®) tests. In addition, he serves as the coordinator of Cathedral High School’s Winter Writing Symposium which annually prepares participating seniors to compete for scholarships and other financial aid by developing creative non-fiction essays.