Cathedral High School

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Principal's Message

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to Cathedral High School. As Cathedral enters its 96th year in the education of young men,
we understand that this is going to be a challenging but unique year for everyone.
Cathedral High School is prepared to meet the demands that lie ahead of all of us. This institution has always risen to every challenge and this year will not be any different. The Cathedral community is unbreakable, it is due to the Brotherhood which remains as strong as ever to this day. These bonds, are the bonds that tie us together and will never be broken.
To this day, more than ever, Cathedral continues building men of faith through the Catholic Lasallian values which have been present on the campus for the past nine decades. Love, compassion, respect, and generosity continue to be instilled in all of our students. St. John Baptist De La Salle wrote, “Often remind yourself that you are in the presence of God.” We must all remember this anywhere we go.

Our students, enter to learn and leave to serve; this is evident of all the students who have walked these hallways because they have all defined their own successes. Cathedral graduates include doctors, lawyers, educators, businessmen, politicians, and clergy. The education they received at Cathedral allowed them to open doors in many careers that best suited their interest.
This is what the Cathedral Irish legacy is about.
Blessed be,

Adolfo Sanchez
Cathedral High School