Cathedral High School

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Cathedral High School, along with all El Paso Diocesan schools, will remain closed indefinitely. Cathedral will continue to provide online instruction for all students. For any questions, you may contact us at (915) 532 3238 | CHS calls out all middle school students to come visit La Cate, ask questions, get informed and get a taste of what being an "Irish for a Day" is all about. It's a great day to be an Irishman! Please contact Mr. Baca for appointments or questions about visiting Cathedral, Tel: 915 532 3238 ext. 695, Email: |  Make sure to check out our ongoing Basketball, Soccer, Tennis Swimming and Golf Season Schedule under the Athletic Teams page.

Faculty / Staff Directory

Name Position Email
Arredondo, Jose Geometry
Baca, Juan Pablo Coordinator of Admissions & Recruitment
Barba, Carlos Band / Orchestra
Bermea, Brisa Algebra I / Algebra II
Crane, Curtis Head Football Coach
Denning, Dane
World History I
Dumeusois, Jerome
French I, II, III
Durham F.S.C., Brother Paul-Andre Religion I
Esparza, Daniel Physics IV
Espinoza, Pedro Assistant Principal of Academics
Estrada, Jacob Director of Information Technology
Flores, Dan Registrar
Flores, Mari Attendance Receptionist
Galaviz, Loretta Finance Coordinator
Gallardo, Rocio EA Pre-Calculus
Gamez, Gerardo Assistant Principal of Students & Discipline
Garibay, Martha Spanish I / Spanish II / Spanish III / Art I
Gong, Vanessa Chinese I, II, II
Gooding, Samuel Economics IV / Intro to Business
Hansen F.S.C., Brother Javier Religion III
Hernandez, Elizabeth Spanish II / Spanish III / AP Spanish IV
Kelley, Randy EA Economics
Liszanckie, Brendan EA Director - Center of Advanced Studies
Lopez, Andres El Otro Lado Border Immersion Experience
Lopez F.S.C., Brother Mariano Religion II / Religion III
Martinez, Elva Administrative Assistant
Montanez, Valeria Medical Records
Montoya, Deborah Religion IV/Liturgical Choir
Murphy, Norma English III/ EA English III
Oropeza, Pablo Algebra II / Pre-Calculus
Peterson, Jeanette Assistant Finance Coordinator
Powell, Irma English I / Communication Application IV
Puertas, Carlos Athletic Director
Robleto, Dr. Daniel Biology I / EA Biology IV
Rojas, Alonso English II
Sanchez, Adolfo Principal
Shashy, Mary Alice Environmental Systems III
Sierra, Fernie Maintenance
Topolski, Kristianne World Geography
Torres, Laura Senior/Junior Counselor
Ulrickson, Luz Alumni Coordinator 
Urquidi, Eduardo EA Calculus
Valtier, Leslie English IV / Journalism
Vazquez Sr., Mario Introduction to Engineering
Vega, Pat Chemistry II
White, Jack U.S. History III / EA U.S. History III
Yanez, Jose Freshman/Sophomore Counselor / Spanish I
Zavala, Adriana Art I / Art II / AP Art History