Cathedral High School

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CHS calls out all middle school students to come visit La Cate, ask questions, get informed and get a taste of what being an "Irish for a Day" is all about. It's a great day to be an Irishman! Please contact Mr. Baca for appointments or questions about visiting Cathedral, Tel: 915 532 3238 ext. 695, Email: |  Make sure to check out our ongoing Basketball, Soccer, Tennis Swimming and Golf Season Schedule under the Athletic Teams page.

Faculty / Staff Directory

Name Position Email
Arredondo, Jose Geometry
Baca, Juan Pablo Coordinator of Admissions & Recruitment
Barba, Carlos Band / Orchestra
Bermea, Brisa Algebra I / Algebra II
Crane, Curtis Head Football Coach
Denning, Dane
World History I
Dumeusois, Jerome
French I, II, III
Durham F.S.C., Brother Paul-Andre Religion I
Esparza, Daniel Physics IV
Espinoza, Pedro Assistant Principal of Academics
Estrada, Jacob Director of Information Technology
Flores, Dan Registrar
Flores, Mari Attendance Receptionist
Galaviz, Loretta Finance Coordinator
Gallardo, Rocio EA Pre-Calculus
Gamez, Gerardo Assistant Principal of Students & Discipline
Garibay, Martha Spanish I / Spanish II / Spanish III / Art I
Gong, Vanessa Chinese I, II, II
Gooding, Samuel Economics IV / Intro to Business
Hansen F.S.C., Brother Javier Religion III
Hernandez, Elizabeth Spanish II / Spanish III / AP Spanish IV
Kelley, Randy EA Economics
Liszanckie, Brendan EA Director - Center of Advanced Studies
Lopez, Andres El Otro Lado Border Immersion Experience
Lopez F.S.C., Brother Mariano Religion II / Religion III
Martinez, Elva Administrative Assistant
Montanez, Valeria Medical Records
Montoya, Deborah Religion IV/Liturgical Choir
Murphy, Norma English III/ EA English III
Oropeza, Pablo Algebra II / Pre-Calculus
Peterson, Jeanette Assistant Finance Coordinator
Powell, Irma English I / Communication Application IV
Puertas, Carlos Athletic Director
Robleto, Dr. Daniel Biology I / EA Biology IV
Rojas, Alonso English II
Sanchez, Adolfo Principal
Shashy, Mary Alice Environmental Systems III
Sierra, Fernie Maintenance
Topolski, Kristianne World Geography
Torres, Laura Senior/Junior Counselor
Ulrickson, Luz Alumni Coordinator 
Urquidi, Eduardo EA Calculus
Valtier, Leslie English IV / Journalism
Vazquez Sr., Mario Introduction to Engineering
Vega, Pat Chemistry II
White, Jack U.S. History III / EA U.S. History III
Yanez, Jose Freshman/Sophomore Counselor / Spanish I
Zavala, Adriana Art I / Art II / AP Art History