Cathedral High School

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New Student Application for 2023-2024 are NOW OPEN!, Tel: 915 532 3238, Email: [email protected]

Tuition & Rates

2024-2025 School Year
New Student Online Application for Admission - $125.00 USD (Non-Refundable)
Once your son has been admitted to Cathedral High School, you will be notified via email regarding your son's admissions status and steps to create a Parents RenWeb account with Cathedral High School (If you have a previous RenWeb Account with another institution, you still have to create a new one with Cathedral)
If your son is a current student at Cathedral High School, you may disregard this step. 
Having created a Parents RenWeb account, you will have access to the Enrollment Packet for the School Year 2024-2025 under the designated "Enrollment" section under your account. To officially enroll your son to Cathedral High School, you must ensure you complete the enrollment packet provided along with a $600.00 Enrollment fee. Please be sure to set up a Payment Plan with FACTS while filling out the Enrollment Packet. 
Please Note: There is an additional processing fee charged by FACTS to activate your annual payment plan for the 2024-2025 School Year, prices vary by installments. Please see below:
** FACTS Enrollment Fee Reminder **
Number of Payments FACTS Enrollment Fee
Full Payment $20.00
2 Payments 
3 to 10 Payments $50.00
Before finalizing your packet, you will be asked to attach supplementary documentation (see Process of Admissions for details) and pay the Registration fee, a total of $600.00 USD for enrolling/re-enrolling your son to School Year 2024-2025.
Registration Fee (non-refundable) due at time of Enrollment $600.00
Processing Fee $120.00
Technology Fee $150.00
Diocesan Fundraiser (Requirement for all students) $100.00
Tuition Total (Grades 9th-11th) $8,900 USD
Senior Graduation Fee
Tuition Total (12th Grade) $9,100 USD
*Families are obligated to pay the fees and tuition for the full academic year. No portion of tuition and fees paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal from the school*
  • Incidentals expenses such as the EA Program, Books and any other expenses incurred by student will be billed through FACTS
  • Tuition can be paid through FACTS. All FACTS accounts must be paid in full by May 2024 in order to enroll for School Year 2024-2025
  • Any missed monthly payment will incur a $25.00 late fee.
  • Major credit cards accepted, except for American Express