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Congratulations to this year's graduating Class of 2019!!! Open enrollment for all students is ongoing | NEW STUDENT APPLICATIONS FOR SCHOOL YEAR 19-20 NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE - click on "Apply Here" under the Admissions tab to begin your application process. For more information please click on "Process of Admission" | CHS calls out all middle school students to come visit La Cate, ask questions, get informed and get a taste of what being an "Irish for a Day" is all about. It's a great day to be an Irishman! Please contact Mr. Baca for appointments or questions about visiting Cathedral, Tel: 915 532 3238 ext. 695, Email: | Make sure to check out our upcoming Soccer & Basketball Season Schedule under the Athletic Teams page.

Alumni Association - LQVQ

Alumni Association Meetings: Every first Saturday of the month

The Cathedral High School Alumni Association – LQVQ is dedicated to continuing the tradition of LaSallian brotherhood and leadership by bringing alumni together, recognizing the achievements of our alumni community, and raising scholarship funds for students at Cathedral High School.

The Alumni Association – LQVQ (abbreviated for “Los Que Van Quedando) was founded in honor of Mr. Danny Gutierrez (Class of ‘58).  Gutierrez, whose spirit and passion for Cathedral High School was unrivaled, was the driving force of the early “Tamalada” dinner fundraiser.  On his deathbed, surrounded by fellow classsmates, friends and family, Gutierrez turned to those around him and requested the care of all present: “Cuida a Los Que Van Quedando.” Fellow members of the class of 1958 decided to start meeting on the first Saturday of every month to continue the tradition of brotherhood at La Cate, and the Cathedral High School Alumni Association – Los Que Van Quedando (LQVQ) was born.

Since its inception, the Alumni Assocation – LQVQ has awarded over $200,000 in academic scholarships to and awards to students at Cathedral High School and continues to be a driving force in bringing alumni together to celebrate the unique tradition of LaSallian brotherhood at La Cate.

Today, our alumni can be found across the globe leading, serving and living in Christ through the values taught at Cathedral High School.