Cathedral High School

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Cathedral's Meet, Eat, and Greet for interested and prospective students of all ages is on Saturday April 28th from 12PM - 2PM at Cathedral! For more information please contact Admissions at 915-532-3238 ext 695     New students (Freshman and transfer) interested in enrolling at Cathedral can now apply for admission! Please contact Admissions 915-532-3238 ext 695 for more information or see below!

Welcome to Cathedral

Since 1925, Cathedral has been more than a place of learning; for our current students and thousands of alumni, it is home. As the city’s preeminent high school and one of the most recognizable high schools in the country, Cathedral exists to develop its students into exceptional leaders, citizens, and men.

Cathedral’s distinct edge within education lies in the implementation of a rigorous STREAM curriculum that not only incorporates one of El Paso's first dual credit college programs but also individual counseling that enables students to maximize their academic and collegiate opportunities.

The five most recent graduating classes at Cathedral (2013-2017) have accomplished the following:

  • $127,922,549 in college scholarships
  • 42 Gates Millennium Scholarship Recipients
  • 41 National Hispanic Scholars - National Hispanic scholars comprise the top 2% of PSAT takers in the country
  • 15,000+ hours of college credit
  • 100% college acceptance rate
  • Acceptances to the following universities: Dartmouth University, United States Naval Academy, Brown University, University of Notre Dame, Case Western Reserve University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Cornell University, Rice University, Georgetown University, Duke University, Vanderbilt University, University of Virginia, College of William and Mary New York University, Georgia Tech Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, University of California at Los Angeles, Harvard University, Yale University

The true magic of Cathedral, however, lies in the brotherhood our students share with each other. There is an innate sense of camaraderie and family within our school and is clearest seen when our students interact. The collaborative nature of our young men, whether it be in school work and college applications or community service and athletics is proof that above all else, Cathedral is a great place to grow up.

For any questions or concerns regarding registration and financial aid or if you would like to set an appointment please contact our Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator.

Mario S. Vazquez,
Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 915-532-3238 ext 686