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Mastering Academic Excellence (Early Admissions College Course)

EDUC 1300 EPCC Course Number
Provides students with the foundation to successfully transition to the college learning environment. Students will expand their knowledge of academic strategies; develop successful learning habits; identify personal learning styles, personality types, and career choices; apply learning strategies in various academic fields; develop critical-thinking competencies; and enhance their use of computer technology. These skills will provide the basis for lifelong learning and for making education personally meaningful.

Introduction to Philosophy (Early Admissions College Course)

PHIL 1301 – EPCC Course Number
Provides a study of major issues in philosophy and\or the work of major philosophical figures in philosophy. Studies topics in philosophy may include theories of reality, theories of knowledge, theories of value, and their practical applications.

Introduction to Criminal Justice (Early Admissions College Course)

CRIJ 1301 – EPCC Course Number
Provides a historical and philosophical overview of the American criminal justice system, including the nature, extent, and impact of crime; criminal law; and justice agencies and processes.

Introduction to Criminal Justice

The primary goal of this course is to develop a general understanding of the criminal justice system’s response to crime in society. This course will serve as an overview or survey of the structure of the criminal justice system. It will introduce students to the components of the criminal justice system- police, courts, and corrections. It will prepare students to enter into more advanced courses that address each individual component more in depth.

Introduction to Law Enforcement

This course develops a realistic awareness and understanding of law and public safety careers using research and hands-on student projects. The case study approach to all five career cluster pathways gives students an understanding of the fact that there are strong connections between what classroom knowledge and skills mean when they are applied to everyday life.

Introduction to Psychology

This course is designed to introduce the scientific study of human nature. You will learn how psychologists ask questions from several different perspectives: questions about the relation of brain and behavior, about perception, learning and thinking, development, social behavior, personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy. You will also learn about the methods psychologists use to find the answers to these questions and become acquainted with many of the important findings and theoretical approaches in the field of psychology.


This course will integrate writing and language skills to a variety of media sources. The student will plan, create, edit, and produce the yearbook, newsletter, and broadcast journalism. It has a great emphasis on preparing, proof reading, and making and fulfilling deadlines. Over the duration of the course, the student will use current technology to produce effective journalistic media. Supplemental materials and activities will also be incorporated to enhance their research, journalistic ethics, and organization.