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ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN. | Please contact Jessica Del Rio for any questions about applying to Cathedral, Tel: 915 532 3238, Email:

Transfer Student

Transfer students interested in enrolling at Cathedral for the 2021-2022 school year, the online application for admission to Cathedral HS for school year 2021 - 2022 is now available.

You may direct all questions to Jessica Del Rio.


HS Transfer Student - Application Process:


1) Make an appointment with Jessica Del Rio (jdelrio@cathedral-elpaso.orgto schedule a day for the prospective student to meet with our staff and ask questions regarding your interest in Cathedral HS.



If the student is transferring over from a High School outside the Unites States, the student is required to take the High School Placement Test.

The High School Placement Exam does not determine the student's admission to Cathedral HS. The exam exists to ascertain the academic level and preparation of incoming students. Cathedral proudly holds a 100% college acceptance rate and uses this initial exam as a guide in planning the student's first year at Cathedral.

*All high school students transferring from inside the Unites States can disregard the previous step.

2) Optional: Schedule a day for you and your son to visit our campus. Students can also spend a day shadowing one of our current students and witness the "Irish for a Day" experience.

3) Provide Jessica Del Rio with all pertinent contact information so you can remain up to date with application, enrollment and scholarship/financial aid information.

a. Email
b. Phone Number
c. Physical address

4) Our Online Application for Admission for the 2021-2022 school year is now available. For all questions regarding Admissions to Cathedral HS please refer to Jessica Del Rio.

5) Within two weeks of submitting an application for admission you will receive, via email, a decision regarding your son's acceptance. Once your son is accepted – you will be provided for the link to the Online Enrollment process.

6) As you complete the Online Enrollment you will be able to log on and/or create your RenWeb account which you will have access once your son is admitted to Cathedral HS. 

7) As you fill out the Online Enrollment process – you will be required to provide the following (which can be uploaded or dropped off at Cathedral HS)

a. Copy of student’s Social Security Card
b. Copy of Birth Certificate
c. Copy of Current Immunization records
d. Copy of first semester 8th Grade Report Card (If transferring from a different high school, the student's HS transcript is required)

8) After you enroll your son – you will need to have completed the Physical exam forms before the new school year begins.


**International Students**

Please contact Mrs. Mari Flores at (915) 532-3238 x 694 to complete the I-20 Visa process. Processing and issuing an I-20 Visa can take 30-60 days so we ask you plan accordingly to ensure enrollment for the next school year.

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Jessica Del Rio.

Ph: 915-532-3238