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Information for Parents

Expectations for College Students

Once admitted as a College Early Admissions student your son is a college student. What is expected of college students varies greatly from what is expected of a traditional Cathedral High School student.

Most collegiate coursework requires students to pursue their education not only in the classroom but, on their own, either by completing coursework, doing research, reading, studying, and preparing for class. The concept of “homework”, which is something to be turned in during the next class time, will no longer exist. “Studying” for college courses requires a high level of responsibility, motivation, and self-discipline to complete the courses successfully. It is possible that some of the topics covered in college courses may be controversial.

College is a time for students to critically analyze information gathered through public school courses and confront questions without easy answers. Although students are already accustomed to more difficult courses by the time they start their first Dual Credit Course, students should continue to be reminded about how challenging college courses can be and they should be encouraged to prepare and study accordingly. Generally, for every hour spent in class, students should spend twice the amount of time studying; some students will need to spend more time, some less. All students should schedule more study time when they have an exam or when projects are due. High school extra-curricular activities may conflict with a college course, but the requirements remain the same.

Students are responsible for all materials related to the course whether or not they attend class or the assignment is due. Students will need to talk to their instructor to make arrangements for receiving handouts, classroom information, obtaining lecture notes, or turning in work. Students will be required to purchase the assigned textbook. It is strongly recommended that your son purchase an electronic tablet such as a Kindle or similar. Students will be provided internet access in their classrooms for their tablet. Laptops are not permitted for security reasons.
The textbook may be purchased and downloaded in digital form for significant savings. Whether your son chooses to purchase their textbook online or at a local bookstore, they will be responsible for any assignments, quizzes or tests that may be given during that time they are without a book. Parents and students should seriously discuss priorities before and during enrollment in a dual credit course.

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What College Resources are Available to Dual Credit Students?

Students enrolled in a dual credit class have access to EPCC resources that are available to students attending college sources on any EPCC campus. These are some of the resources are available at the five full service campuses, strategically located throughout the El Paso area. These resources will help students successfully complete their college classes. For more options, visit the website at

Banner System – allows students to access/manage online information such as looking up classes, registration, schedule, grades, and transcript

Blackboard – e-learning platform to access online courses

Bookstore – located at all five campuses

Campus Life – where students can receive a college picture ID card and have the opportunity to participate in an active EPCC campus life through a variety of group activities

Career Services – assists currently enrolled students with career planning, job placement, cooperative education, and transfer services

Courses Syllabus – it is a detailed description of each instructor’s specific course requirements. It includes assignments, grading criteria, text(s) and materials, classroom policies for attendance- drops, late work, re-writes, make up work – procedures and a detailed course calendar

E-Mail (Smart Start Network) – provide students with world class intranet, Internet services, and e- mail. Dual Credit Students must use their EPCC e-mail address when communicating with the college

Libraries – provide instruction, service, access to information, and materials that enhance academic growth and personal enrichment

Testing Centers – provide new and currently enrolled students with a wide range of services

What Academic Honors are Available to Students?

Attaining academic honors at the El Paso Community College is important for students in developing the portfolio for college admissions. Earning college credit demonstrates that students are ready for college and along with significant community service projects helps set them aside when applying for college and scholarships.

Cathedral High School students, as Dual Credit students, are eligible for membership in Phi Theta Kappa (the international academic honor society of two-year colleges) for students with 12 college hours and a 3.5 grade point average (GPA). In addition, students may be named to the President’s Honor List if they attain a 4.0 GPA and to the Dean’s Honor List if they attain a 3.25 GPA. Students may be placed on the Texas Distinguished Diploma track for high school graduation. All of the above are important steps in your son’s goal of developing the most competitive academic portfolio.