Cathedral High School

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Algebra I (Honors and Regular)

This is a course in which each student will learn the application of algebraic concepts; be able to perform basic algebraic operations, know how to solve equations and inequalities; understand functions and their graphs; be able to apply analytical techniques to polynomial and rational function. Honors Algebra will require students to have and/or acquire a higher comprehension level of mathematical concepts at a faster pace.

Geometry (Honors and Regular)

The course is designed to emphasize the properties and applications of analytic geometry. Students formalize their understanding of geometric concepts, including congruence similarity, geometric proofs, circle chords, secants, tangents, segments, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, angle measure, proofs, logic, transformation, The Pythagorean theorem, construction of geometric shapes, Cartesian coordinate system, surface areas, and volumes of solids.

Algebra II (Honors and Regular)

Algebra II is the study of complex number systems and functions. The topics studied are polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, piece wise, rational functions are analyzed and applied, as well as conics, matrices, system of equations, sequences and series. The honors course provides higher expectations for students. Students have the opportunity to work at an accelerated pace and develop their high-order thinking skills.


Building on topics covered in Algebra II, the first part of Pre-Calculus consists of students reviewing topics from Algebra II to include: polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential functions, functions, relations, inequality equations, linear relations, linear functions, system of equations, system of inequalities, matrices, quadratic functions, quadratic inequalities, polynomial functions, radical equations, and radical inequalities. Students then progress to Pre- Calculus topics that include: trigonometric functions, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, trigonometric equations, vectors, parametric equations, conics exponential and logarithmic functions, and lastly sequences and series.

Precalculus (Early Admissions College Course)

MATH 1314 & MATH 2412 EPCC Course Number

Includes a review of the basic operations of algebra, solving equations and inequalities, functions and graphs, polynomial functions and equations, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and analytic geometry. Studies trigonometry, trigonometric form of complex numbers, vectors, sequences, series, mathematical induction conic sections, polar coordinates, and probability.

Calculus (Early Admissions College Course)

MATH 2413 & MATH 2314 EPCC Course Number

Presents limits continuity, differentiation, and integration of functions of a single variable. Presents the applications of the definite integral in geometry, special methods of integration, infinite series, and polar coordinates.