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Social Studies

World History (Honors and Regular)

This course is an overview of the history of mankind from human beginnings through the 1800 state of the Muslim Empires. It emphasizes the study of significant individuals, events, civilizations, societal structures, and political issues. The second semester continues to survey the history and development of Western and other world civilizations and cultures beginning with the East Asian World and ending with current global occurrences, emphasizing significant people, events, and issues.

World Geography (Honors and Regular)

This course is a study of the relationships among people, places, and environment from a geographic perspective. It emphasizes understanding the physical processes responsible for shaping patterns in the physical environment and their interrelationships with political, economic, and social processes that shape cultural patterns and characteristics of regions. The second semester will examine the influence of geography on past and present events and different forms of economic activity as well as the impact of technological and human modifications on the physical environment.

United States History (Early Admissions College Course)

HIST 1301 & HIST 1302 – EPCC Course Number

A year long course designed to provide students the opportunity to experience a college level history class and to prepare students for the rigors of university study. EAUSH is intended to provide students with the necessary skills and factual knowledge to critically analyze people, events, and issues in American history and apply this knowledge to the world and society we live in today. Emphasis is placed on critical and evaluative thinking skills, essay writing, the interpretation of historical documents, cooperative learning exercises/projects, and the exploration of digital learning techniques. EAUSH will be taken concurrently with EPCC History 1301 and EPCC History 1302.


Economics (Early Admissions College Course, Honors, and Regular)

ECON 2301 & ECON 2302 – EPCC Course Number

Surveys macroeconomic theory and public policy. Emphasizes the market economy, economic growth and measurement, role of financial markets, aggregate demand and supply, the role of the Federal Reserve System and government in our economy. During the second semester students survey basic microeconomic principles. Emphasizes topics of consumer theory, elasticity, production cost theory, market structures, antitrust, wage determination and general equilibrium.

Government (Early Admissions College Course)

GOVT 23015 & GOVT 2306 – EPCC Course Number

Surveys the basic concepts of the American national government, the theory of democracy, the structure and function of political institutions, and contemporary issues and policies. Emphasizes the U.S. Constitution. Studies the states as subsystems of the American political system. Includes the basic functions, structures, and processes of state and local government with special reference to the Texas constitution.