Cathedral High School

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English I (Honors and Regular)

Students will read literature, including books, stories, drama, and poetry. They will read informational texts including a broad range of literary nonfiction. Students will analyze and write narratives, arguments, and informative texts and will participate in collaborative discussions and present informative speeches in class. Vocabulary acquisition as well as grammar will be stressed.

English II (Honors and Regular)

Designed to increase the student’s knowledge of the English language through the exploration of various genres of literature and through multiple writing experiences. Students will increase their vocabulary and higher thinking skills such as comprehension, application, analysis, and evaluation as they investigate a variety of literary style and develop writing techniques.

English III (Early Admissions College Course and Regular)

English 1301: Expository English Composition – first semester

English 1302: Research Writing and Literary Analysis – second semester

Emphasizes practice in all stages of the writing process. Focuses on effectively written essays, with increased attention to audience, purpose, and rhetorical strategies in both reading and writing. Continues emphasis on the writing process with particular attention to the methods of research and the appreciation and interpretation of literature. Focuses on effectively written and appropriately documented papers.

English IV British Literature (Honors and Regular)

This course encompasses major prose and poetry of English writers from the Anglo-Saxon period and through the modern age. The goal is to acquire an understanding of the ideas and literary genres that define these periods. All readings will be considered in a literary and historical context so that the student will gain an understanding of the historical, cultural, and philosophical influences that shape the texts. Students will express their understanding through class discussions, writing assignments, essays, midterms, and final exams.

Speech (Early Admissions College Course)

SPCH 1321 – Org. and Professional Communication – EPCC Course Number

Focuses on communication theory, interpersonal skills, presentational and group techniques as they apply to the individual in organizational and professional settings. This course satisfies the required one semester of high school speech communication as well as the speech requirement of the college core curriculum

Communication Applications

This course places great emphasis on preparing, proof reading, and presenting a speech in a coherent manner. Over the duration of the course, the student will compose several speeches based on a variety of topics and are to present in various formats. Supplemental materials and activities will also be incorporated to help better prepare the speaker for each speech. Not only will Communication Applications focus on publicly speaking but also on being a key listener.