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Fine Arts

Art Appreciation (Early Admissions College Course)

Art 1301 – EPCC Course Number

This course discusses the theoretical, cultural, and historical aspects of the visual arts. The student develops visual and aesthetic awareness, relating art to the student as an individual. The course satisfies one semester of high school fine arts and the Fine Arts Core Curriculum of higher education.

Performance and Singing:

This course introduces the basic tools and techniques for the student to learn how to perform and sing in front of an audience through singing.

Art I

A foundational art course where students utilize the elements and principles of design and composition to explore the materials, techniques, skills, history, and vocabulary, of visual design in two and three dimensional form.

AP Art History

The study of architecture, painting, sculpture, and photography of the European tradition from pre-history to the present. A global perspective is important in this study, so art from a variety of cultures beyond the European tradition is explored in comparison and contrast to works from the European tradition. Students will think and communicate formally about works of art using language that addresses the elements and principles of artistic design. Most important to the examination of art through history is the specific historical context that each work reflects. This will be a central theme to art historical study. Students will learn to think about works of art in relation to their original settings, as well as to the social, political, and religious forces forming the historical setting in which they were created.


The course is aligned with the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, paragraph 117: Four basic strands—perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation—provide broad, unifying structures for organizing the knowledge and skills students are expected to acquire. In music, students develop their intellect and refine their emotions, understanding the cultural and creative nature of musical artistry and making connections among music, the other arts, technology, and other aspects of social life. Through creative performance, students apply the expressive technical skills of music and critical-thinking skills to evaluate multiple forms of problem solving.